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    Hospital Bag

    Because I was asked to spend the night in labor and delivery at 31 weeks to have my heart monitored, I had a bag packed the minute I got home. I still remember getting a call saying I needed to go in, I remember picking up some diapers for my oldest and throwing them into the stroller and off we went. When we got there my phone was almost dead and I had nothing to entertain my 21 month old, thank goodness the medicine balls are in the room and daddy came quick! My hospital bag mainly had items for my toddler but I also managed to pack stuff for…

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    The Last Moments Before Birth

    Life got quite hectic the past few weeks. With Harley arriving 8 days early, I went into early preparation mode. I wanted to ensure I had everything packed in case I needed to make a mad rush to the hospital. As 8 days came and went, I questioned why I was still pregnant. Each day that passed was a confusion but I knew it meant the baby was growing still. I cherished each moment I could cuddle with my toddler and I enjoyed the 12 hour night sleeps. I enjoyed the time with my husband where we watched our daughter in awe. And I enjoyed the little kicks and movements…

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    To My Unborn Child

    To my unborn baby, We are getting close to the finish line. As my belly grows, and I get more uncomfortable, I know that in a few short weeks, we will finally be able to hold you. You are already so loved. Your sister finally has been showing an interest in my ever growing belly. She loves to rub lotion on the belly while saying di-do which in her language is baby. You were conceived because of the infinite love between your daddy and I. I promise to be the best mom that I can to you. I promise to be your biggest cheerleader. I promise to show you right…

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    The Best Bottle For Us

    Thank you to ihelpmoms and Nanobebe for sponsoring this post! With only a month and a half to go before finishing nursing school, and our newest addition being born within a couple of weeks, finding a bottle was highly important to me. With Harley, she was exclusively breast fed and I was lucky to be able to pump to satisfy her needs when I was away at school. But with Harley I didn’t start a bottle until 7 weeks of age, and so I never faced nipple confusion. This baby will be started on the bottle right away. I also want to keep the nursing bond as well. As I…

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    Hitting the Home Stretch

    Oh the 3rd trimester, how it feels like the longest few months of your life yet in a few short weeks, a newborn will be joining your family. I remember with Harley, the 3rd trimester wasn’t too bad. I did have Braxton Hicks contractions and I literally thought every little symptom could be labor. Now at 36 weeks with baby number 2, I have definitely seen a difference in what false and true labor are. I have implemented some tricks in this pregnancy to make the 3rd trimester just a little bit easier. Continue to Workout Through Your Pregnancy With Harley, the gym was the first thing I gave up.…

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    To My First Born

    To my first born child, As the days get closer to meeting your new sibling, I realized that I am cherishing these last few moments of us together. Just you and I. You made me a mother. How did I ever get so lucky to have you as my daughter? You are confident, sassy, smart and loving. You have shown me things in this world that I have forgotten to see for years at a time. I will never stop loving you and you will never not be my baby. There are a few things I want you to remember when this sibling arrived. Because of our success with you,…

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    It’s Not Easy

    Today was one of the hardest days I had as a mother. Harley hit a new level of temper tantrums. Anything we did, just resulted in ear shattering screams and tears. Asking her a question, she would respond no daddy no daddy no daddy. No one could get her to stop. The screams and meltdown kept coming. Today was a day I questioned my sanity. Why did this day happen on a day that I’ve only slept 5 hours? This was a day I felt like I could give up. Motherhood is hard. Motherhood makes me want to crawl into a little ball at times and sob my eyes out.…

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    An Important Tool

    Being an EMT in the ER for the past 4 years, I have faced many situations. Constantly children are shuttled in because they swallowed something and parents are worried that it will not pass. Other times we get children who are choking and the item couldn’t be cleared by the Heimlich maneuver. I am so glad to partner with Life Vac and ihelpmoms for this post. Life Vac gives me peace of mind at home. If the Heimlich doesn’t work, this tool steps in. With a quick suction to the face, and a pumping action, you can dislodge the object that is obstructing the airway! It comes with face masks…

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    Getting Closer

    As the days get closer to us welcoming a second little bundle joy into our family, I have been reflecting a lot. Reflecting on how lucky I am to be a mom to a healthy happy 19 month old, a wife to the most amazing and supportive husband around and a daughter/grand daughter to the best family I could ask for. As I grow larger and get more uncomfortable, I want to remember these moments. I want to remember the kicks I get after finally sitting down after a 12 hour shift. I want to remember the way Harley sits on top of my belly and laughs when her sibling…

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    Murphy’s Naturals

    Camping has always been a favorite pastime for my family. Yet, the worst part about camping is the fact that mosquitos absolutely love me and Harley. I can barely step outside without having millions of them on me just waiting for a quick bite. Then the itch ensues. On any certain trip, I can count on going through numerous bottles of anti itch cream because my bites turn into full on welts. With this pregnancy, it seems that the mosquitos officially can’t leave me alone! I think the baby has turned my blood even sweeter. I am constantly tormented by the buzz in the ear. I am so thankful to…