6 Months

The past 6 months have taught me so much and hopefully Ive mastered a few tips and tricks to pass on to the next mom!

  1. Involve your first born as much as possible. Harley loves to help with diaper changes by grabbing the diaper, cream and help throw away the dirty ones. After I feed Atlas, she helps me burp her and when the baby cries, she loves to hold her hand and tell her its alright.
  2. Take time to be alone with both kids. Two are overwhelming, two are busy. Two at times make you want to pull your hair out because they demand your attention at the same time. I find that by having alone time with both kids, I have lessened the meltdowns because mommy can give undivided attention. My two year old loves to take baths with me and snuggle in bed afterwords. I keep that between us so she knows its our special time.
  3. Prep your supplies the night before. Living in a two story house, I don’t have the option of running to their room when I need to. Otherwise I have to leave one downstairs while I quickly run up, and its a little scary. Instead I created two shelfs in my pantry where we store extra diapers, wipes, and creams for easier access.
  4. Laugh at the tantrums. Both my kids can scream. And today I watched Harley spin around on the ground, kicking, screaming and crying because she chose not to walk into Target. Instead of freaking out, I embraced the scream and just turned my attention away from her. I made faces at Atlas and laughed.
  5. Enjoy the cuddles, smiles, crying fits, pukes, poops and life. These are your babies, you created them. They may make you want to pull your hair out but by goodness time flies.

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