For 2019, I looked deep within and came up with resolutions that I felt I truly needed to start the New Year. Being a mom of 2 littles, a wife, and a full time ER nurse, I know I need to create the best resolutions for me.

1. Focus on myself. After Atlas was born and school finished, I all of a sudden had free time. I realized I needed to become a better me. I started with ClassPass. ClassPass is a great way to try different workouts and studios. And with trying ClassPass, I found my love for Fitwall. This workout is addicting, tiring and always new. My resolution is to go to Fitwall 3 times a week because I deserve that hour of free time to focus on myself. It will better my relationship with my husband, children and friends if I am at my best.

2. Start my podcast and write my mini ebook. When I first started nursing school, I was always told that my life would go away. Instead I thrived. I had 2 kids, got married, we bought a house and traveled. My podcast is going to be about the trials and tribulations of motherhood while managing my time. I can’t wait to share my experiences and get people to come on and be guests!

3. Stop hating on certain parts of my body. I need to remember that my body has created 2 beautiful girls. Girls that are healthy, smart, and downright adorable. My body has nourished Harley for 16 months and we are going on 4 with Atlas. Although my body will never look the same as it did pre baby, it is a remarkable body. The stretch marks are the result of the toddler who loves life more than anyone I know. My body will never be the same but it should be loved for all that it’s gone through.

4. Spend quality time with my babies. I have 2 beautiful girls. As I sit here writing, Atlas is sound asleep in my lap. I want to live in these moments. I want to feel their warmth and savor each moment. I want to remember how Harley loves proclaiming mama is a nurse and works in the ER. I want to remember how she listens and watches for every bus, train and garbage truck on the road. I want to live in the moment, be present and love on them.

5. Further my education. As I recently became a full time ER nurse, I want the ability to go further. I want to push myself with my certifications and keep growing.

2019 is about change. It is about love. And it’s about finding myself!