2 Months With Two Kids

Wow, time flies so fast! I still can’t believe its been 2.5 months since I became a mom of two! The dynamic of our family is constantly changing and I could’t be happier. I love the chaos and laughter filled days and sleepless nights.

Lets start with an Atlas update! She has started social smiling which just melts my heart and makes the crying spells totally worth it. On average, she is waking up twice a night which isn’t too bad. It is usually at 1 and 4 am with her going to sleep around 8 p.m. She is definitely a mommy and daddy girl. The minute someone else tries to hold her, she loves to cry and unless they stick it out, she usually ends up straight back into our arms. She loves mama’s milk and being held! Tummy time isn’t our favorite but we tolerate it a lot better than Harley ever did. At two months, she already weighs 13 pound and is two feet long! She wears 0-3 month clothes and is very close to outgrowing size 1 diapers. Harley was always so petite so having such a big baby is confusing but fun at the same time!

Harley is doing so well with her little sister! She has taken the role of big sister very seriously. My favorite thing is when Atlas cries, she runs up to me as fast as she can saying the baby needs nana which means food. If the baby cries, she loves to kiss the top of her head and attempt to pick her up. She is a very concerned big sister and I love watching her play mommy. She has officially nicknamed Atlas! Atlas is now known as Attie and its absolutely adorable.

In two months, I have learned some new tricks that really help with two kids!

  1. Take time for yourself! A mom needs an hour just to be herself. For me, I either workout or take a bath. It is really important to have an identity outside of your kids. Trust me your sanity and kids will thank you!
  2. Use tools to help you! My absolutely favorite thing to bring grocery shopping is my Binxy Baby! It has helped me tremendously and leaves me less stressed because I have room in the cart to place items. I always end up loading Atlas first because she is less likely to move in her carseat and Harley is safer locked in her carseat until I am 100 percent focused.
  3. Give time to your big kid individually. About once a week, I will take Harley on her own for an hour or two. I want to make sure that she feels loved and has her own identity separate from being a big sister. We usually go do something special like grab her favorite lunch or visit her favorite park. I always make sure I end up playing with her so she knows how loved she is!
  4. Just relax, embrace the mess and enjoy the moments. Life flies by. Take the time to extra snuggle and fold less laundry. The dishes can wait, the snuggles can’t!