Going Through the Holidays

I am all for family holidays. I love getting together and sharing stories a few times a year! Bringing the girls takes some planning but Brian and I have it down to a science. With a few preplanning tricks, bringing kids can be entertaining not stressful.

1. Pack a shoebox full of toys: Many families houses don’t have the necessary equipment for small children. I have learned to bring Harley toys she hasn’t seen in a while so they seem new and exciting! By bringing a shoebox she has plenty to make it through the day but it is still easy to clean up!

2. Pack several outfits and save the nice one for photos: For Thanksgiving, I had picked out the cutest yellow fox dress for Harley. As much as I wanted her to wear it all day, I knew I would be devastated if it was ruined before photos. By packing clothes I didn’t care about, the mood was a lot less stressed and she got changed into her pretty dress for photos!

3. Bring a pack and play: Brian and I don’t have a nap schedule for the girls so ensuring they are down at a certain time isn’t a huge concern. But we do set up the pack and play in a dark corner and when Harley starts rubbing her eyes and puts her blanket in her face we lay her down. When she exhibits the usual signs of being tired, we know that if we ignore it, we are playing with fire! Your family will understand that your kid needs to nap!

4, Bring snacks or foods you know the kids will eat: The worst thing is realizing the place you are at doesn’t have a kid friendly menu. I always stock up on snacks beforehand because I never want to bother the host with trying to find something a toddler would approve of! Luckily, Harley eats pretty much anything so when dinner is served she’s quite happy! Having packets in our bag of tricks allows us to not be concerned what time dinner comes and we truly enjoy the company around us.

4 simple steps can turn a day from a nightmare to a joy! What are some tips you have for surviving the holidays with little ones?

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