Thank you so much to DockATot for sending me the lovely Carrera Marble lounger! We are forever grateful!

Being a full time nursing student with two little ones under two, I needed a way to study while entertaining my little ones. Studying usually occurs when Harley goes down for a nap, but as most moms know, trying to get two to sleep at the same time is near impossible.

In the beginning of Atlas’ life, I would allow her to fall asleep on my chest but I soon found that that was too difficult to type or turn pages while having a sleeping baby. I needed something that allowed me to keep her close and provided a sure fire way of keeping her comfortable, safe, and entertained. Enter the DockATot. This little lounger is the most magical intervention of man kind.

The DockATot allows me to have peace at mind. Atlas is able to work on tummy time, lay down and watch the world around her. I love placing my DockATot underneath our play lounge as it gives her enough room to look up at the different shapes above and it allows her to reach them.

The Dock A Tot is easy to clean! Atlas is a constant mess of spit up and blowouts. Having a lounger with a cover I could throw in the wash was essential. Another big thing to me was assembling it back together. I have had my fair share of baby items that I have to wait for my husband to come home and help assemble after washing, and this wasn’t the case. The cover slides back on with ease which makes it truly is one of the most ideal pieces of baby essentials you need! Atlas and I have the Carrera marble and it is absolutely gorgeous. The feel of the material is soft and even my toddler likes to scrunch herself in the lounger as well. A big selling point to me was that it is made with all natural 100% cotton. Atlas runs extremely hot and if she is not in cotton, we are dealing with pools of sweat. The cotton is tested for breathability and all loungers are made in Europe. When your little one grows out of the original DockATot, you can upgrade to the Grand which accommodates children from 9 months to 36 months!

With studying, I place Atlas on the floor beside me. She blends in with all the books, papers and flashcards that surround her. With Harley, I had always heard people rave about them but I never truly knew how essential they were! I tell everyone about the DockATot because they make life as a mother that much easier.

The DockATot allows me to accomplish my goals while keeping my baby safe. When I place her in the lounger, I feel at ease knowing that she feels cuddled as if she was in my arms. Keeping her in arms reach is also important to me and that was why I hated studying while she was in the crib. There is no better feeling than watching her fall asleep and having a few quiet moments to study. I hope Atlas knows that I am studying so hard to better her and her sisters life!

With how soundly Atlas sleeps in the DockATot, I wish the made one for adults!

If you would like to purchase your own DockATot go to dockatot.com! It is a decision you truly will not regret!