Our Toddler and Our Life

When Brian and I found out Harley was on her way, we decided that a baby would fit into the lifestyle that we had. Most of the time, we are homebodies but occasionally we like to go out to breweries, hang with friends at a later dinner or brunch. From the newborn stage, we decided to continue on with what we were doing and just bring Harley along.

As a newborn with colic that was tough. But we survived. She went with us wine tasting, beer tasting and sat with us through fancy dinners that went well past 7 pm.

Now as a toddler I have definitely learned some tips and tricks that help us significantly avoid meltdowns!

  1. Start from a young age. Harley has grown accustomed to coming out with us. Its the norm for us and she loves being able to go out.
  2. When you sit down, order food for them immediately. Nothing ruins a dinner or event more than a hungry child! I have learned when the waiter comes to take our drink order, I place the order for Harley and the food comes out almost immediately. She is content and mommy and daddy can have a normal conversation.
  3. Bring books, crayons, stickers or projects that will keep your child busy. Brian and I try not to use our phones to entertain her and have learned that Peppa Pig coloring books are our best friend.
  4. If your child has a meltdown, don’t sweat it! Every one has had a night that doesn’t go well but don’t let it stop you!
  5. Finally, if you are planning to be out later than normal, we always try to add in an extra nap or quiet hour before hand. This allows us all to become prepared and the night goes much smoother!

Take a deep breath and you’ve got this Momma! Go enjoy being away from home!

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