A Month With Two Kids

As of tomorrow, Atlas will be a month old. Time has flown so much! And as I look back on the past month, I am so proud of how I’ve adapted to being a mom of 2 under 2. It’s definitely not the easiest at times but I’ve started seeing some tricks that has made it a little bit easier of a transition.

1. Involve your oldest in all things baby. Harley hasn’t shown us the jealousy of the baby yet because we ask her to help. When I change the baby, she runs over and usually grabs me the diaper and wipes. Her absolute favorite thing is to throw away the dirty diapers for me. When she helps with the baby in any way, both my husband and I give her lots of praise. We want her to know that we are so happy and proud of her that she is helping!

2. Save some time for your oldest that is special to just her. Most days I am home alone with both kiddos until my husband comes home from work. When the baby falls asleep, I use that time to do special things with Harley. From taking a bath together or playing splash pad, or even doing art in the backyard, I use the quiet time to give her lots of snuggles, kisses and love so that she feels important too.

3. When we found out we were pregnant, we started looking into daycares and preschools for Harley. She started about two weeks before the baby came. This gives her a special place that she goes twice a week that the baby doesn’t go. She loves her preschool and comes home happy and smiling. It also gives me time to nap and bond with the baby alone.

4. The biggest tip I could give anyone is resume normal life as fast as you can. At two days old, we took both to the Safari Park and at 4 days old we went to the zoo. At a week, I had both babies alone and ventured to the grocery store, Target and the park. This showed me that I could do it. Taking two kids out into the world was intimidating but by forcing myself to do it early on, it’s now relatively easy.

Having two under two can definitely be hard at times. But knowing those days will pass and focusing on the good times, it does get easier. Your oldest won’t always act out and soon your newborn will be sleeping. Congrats momma! You now have beautiful children who love you and you get to guide them in growing up!