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Kimi and Kai Maternity/Post Partum Clothing

Thanks to Kimi and Kai for sending me these amazing shirts to review!

Looking back at photos of me with my first born, I realized I looked disheveled. I chose to wear just standard v neck tops for breast feeding that often got stretched out and exposed me to the world. When I learned I was pregnant with my second, I knew my postpartum lifestyle had to change.

When I was searching for a maternity photo shoot dress, I fell in love with the ombre maxi dress from Kimi and Kai. When I put it on, it fit like a glove, made me feel beautiful and I knew I needed to try more of their clothes!W44A0848-Edit.JPG

When I received the two shirts, the first thing I noticed was the quality. The shirts are so well made. The fabric is super soft and thick which makes it lay so nicely when you wear it. Also, the nursing features are super easy to access! I love the fact that I can nurse Atlas in any situation without having to worry about exposing myself to the world. These shirts are extremely versatile. Because I am a mom to a 21 month old and a 16 day old with 3 weeks left of nursing school, I never change out of yoga pants but they are nice enough to wear out to a fancier dinner. I love that I can dress them up or down because a versatile wardrobe is a must when you have kids!

The shirts also give you enough room to play with your kids, garden and go about with daily chores! Kimi and Kai maternity has become one of my favorite clothing brands. The shirts are great for when you are pregnant and they work even better when you are nursing! I love them!!


I absolutely love the cowl neck of this shirt! It is so cute with the white fabric beneath it! It provides a perfect amount of fabric and its long enough to wear with yoga pants!


This top has a lacy black piece of fabric underneath which makes it ideal to dress it up! I love the neckline and there is a hidden clip to make it super easy to nurse!

Both of these shirts and dress can be found at!

Happy shopping mommas!