Hospital Bag

Because I was asked to spend the night in labor and delivery at 31 weeks to have my heart monitored, I had a bag packed the minute I got home. I still remember getting a call saying I needed to go in, I remember picking up some diapers for my oldest and throwing them into the stroller and off we went. When we got there my phone was almost dead and I had nothing to entertain my 21 month old, thank goodness the medicine balls are in the room and daddy came quick!

My hospital bag mainly had items for my toddler but I also managed to pack stuff for me that I knew would be essential. I kept everything to one reusable shopping bag because being a nursing student and rotating through OB I knew how much stuff is never used. If you bring multiple suitcases or bags, they are more likely to get in the way, get lost or just plain annoy your nurse and healthcare team.

My bag consisted of:

1. A brand new sticker book: having a new book that Harley had never seen was key. When we brought her in to come meet her new sibling, she went from person to person in my room bringing her book and being friendly to all

2. A new toy: the new baby got Harley a present and gave it to her the minute she walked through the door. This helped slightly with the bonding experience

3. All the going home clothes: because we didn’t know the babies gender, I had two sets of customized coming home outfits. I also had a customized big sister shirt made as well!

4. A nightgown for me: the nightgown I ordered had snaps for breastfeeding and snaps down the back to accommodate an epidural. I decided to wait until after labor and after a shower before I put on my own night gown. It helped me feel like a new person.

5. My own toiletries: the hospital will provide you with a tooth brush, toothpaste, pads, ice packs, mesh underwear and stuff related to your delivery. I brought travel size of my face wash, moisturizer, chapstick, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I chose to bring my own shampoo and conditioner because my hair gets to tangled if I don’t

6. Chargers and an iPad: the iPad came in handy for people sitting in the waiting room before I was allowed to have visitors. With Netflix installed, my mom patiently waited while I was being admitted into labor and delivery. Also never forget your charger because this is a pretty important moment!

My bag was pretty simple but I had everything I needed and more. Luckily we went home in 24 hours and I got to enjoy the comfort of my own bed!

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