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The Last Moments Before Birth

Life got quite hectic the past few weeks. With Harley arriving 8 days early, I went into early preparation mode. I wanted to ensure I had everything packed in case I needed to make a mad rush to the hospital.

As 8 days came and went, I questioned why I was still pregnant. Each day that passed was a confusion but I knew it meant the baby was growing still. I cherished each moment I could cuddle with my toddler and I enjoyed the 12 hour night sleeps. I enjoyed the time with my husband where we watched our daughter in awe. And I enjoyed the little kicks and movements I constantly felt from the baby growing inside of me.

I began to question what life would be like with 4 instead of 3? I tried to prepare Harley to the best of my ability of becoming a big sister. I questioned how she would handle being in the house with another baby. We focused on spending quality alone time, sneaking in all the snuggles I could get.

Ensuring my hospital bag was ready and in order was the most important. Because I stay at home with Harley, I had to ensure that I had items that would entertain her until someone could come pick her up. I went to Costco and Target, stocking up on items, so no last minute grocery store runs were in order. Also, I stocked up on mom items that are so helpful after birth.

The last few weeks definitely could be defined as nesting. And in the end we eagerly awaited the birth of our newest addition!

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