Hitting the Home Stretch

Oh the 3rd trimester, how it feels like the longest few months of your life yet in a few short weeks, a newborn will be joining your family.

I remember with Harley, the 3rd trimester wasn’t too bad. I did have Braxton Hicks contractions and I literally thought every little symptom could be labor. Now at 36 weeks with baby number 2, I have definitely seen a difference in what false and true labor are. I have implemented some tricks in this pregnancy to make the 3rd trimester just a little bit easier.

  1. Continue to Workout Through Your Pregnancy
    1. With Harley, the gym was the first thing I gave up. With work, a long distance relationship and full time school, I didn’t have the physical or mental capacity to be going to the gym. With this baby, I hired a trainer to help guide me through workouts that were appropriate for the growing baby about once a month. I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and how I get around because I managed to stay in shape!
  2. Keep Snacks and Your Water Bottle Close By
    1. The 3rd trimester, I was constantly hungry, and in my first pregnancy I ate everything in sight. With this pregnancy, I wanted to be healthier. Instead of reaching for processed and sugary foods, I make sure to always have a feel healthy snacks on hand. And let me stress to you the importance of water! If you are having Braxton Hicks contractions, a lot of times you can guzzle some water and they lessen which will help ensure that those pains you feel aren’t true labor!
  3. Plan a Mommy Pampering Day
    1. About 3 weeks before my due date, I have two days where I have scheduled a few hours to myself to get pampered. Because with a newborn, hair appointments and waxings’ take a backseat. If you want a pedicure or a massage, go for it! Pretty soon life is going to take a drastic change, and there is no harm in wanting a little me time right before.
  4. Savor the Time with Your Family and Loved Ones
    1. I am taking in extra Harley cuddles right now because I know pretty soon my attention will be divided. I am cherishing the early morning quiet with just my husband. I am taking in the 12 hours of full sleep minus the times I have to get up to pee.
  5. Plan Your Maternity Photo Shoots
    1. In the second trimester, I booked our family photographer. I always try to plan the shoots around 35 weeks so you can truly see the belly but labor is still far enough away. Find an outfit that makes you feel like a rockstar and don’t forget to have fun!

Pretty soon, life will change for the better.  A newborn is scary, and exciting all in the same moment. Enjoy the 3rd trimester. I know your body may hurt and you may be exhausted but just remember, you are about to give birth and that is a miracle!