An Important Tool

Being an EMT in the ER for the past 4 years, I have faced many situations. Constantly children are shuttled in because they swallowed something and parents are worried that it will not pass. Other times we get children who are choking and the item couldn’t be cleared by the Heimlich maneuver.

I am so glad to partner with Life Vac and ihelpmoms for this post. Life Vac gives me peace of mind at home. If the Heimlich doesn’t work, this tool steps in. With a quick suction to the face, and a pumping action, you can dislodge the object that is obstructing the airway! It comes with face masks for children and adults.

The Life Vac has saved 12 lives, been in 5 medical journals and has 1 peer review!

It’s simple to work! All you need to do is place, push and pull!

For peace of mind, the $69.95 price tag is completely worth it! If you use the code ihelpmoms you get a discount.

If you would like to purchase a life vac, go to lifevac.net!

Have peace of mind. Leave a Life Vac in a safe spot in your house and let people know that you have it. It could easily save a life.

I never knew how scary a choking child was until my daughter came up to me recently because she was choking on a French fry. Luckily she was able to clear it on her own but I will never forget the look of fear in her eyes. I can’t imagine going through this at home when such a simple solution is there!