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Getting Closer

As the days get closer to us welcoming a second little bundle joy into our family, I have been reflecting a lot. Reflecting on how lucky I am to be a mom to a healthy happy 19 month old, a wife to the most amazing and supportive husband around and a daughter/grand daughter to the best family I could ask for.

As I grow larger and get more uncomfortable, I want to remember these moments. I want to remember the kicks I get after finally sitting down after a 12 hour shift. I want to remember the way Harley sits on top of my belly and laughs when her sibling kicks her. I want to remember the way she kisses my belly when you ask her where the baby is.

And as for Harley, there is so much I want to remember. 19 months has shown me so much. I want to remember the way she enthusiastically says yea to every question that is asked. I want to remember her passion for eating cereal and just food in general. Boy can this girl eat. I want to remember the way she screams good girl to Maple every time we walk in the gate. The way she screams daddy every time she sees him come home. She is such a little love bug to her daddy and it is the cutest thing ever. The way she says mom doesn’t even compare. Her love for bubbles, the water, outside, and dogs in general is just the sweetest thing.

I remember becoming pregnant for the first time and being scared. Motherhood is a scary journey but when you embrace it head on, it is a world full of miracles. Motherhood is all about embracing change. You learn to sacrifice your sanity just because the little one in front of you needs you more than you will ever need yourself. Motherhood is a challenge. Its a challenge to find a balance. To keep a little one alive. But you can do it. Motherhood is meant to be trials and tribulations. And you are strong. You are strong enough to conquer this journey!

Embrace the love. Remember the moments. Enjoy the snuggles and laugh through the tantrums!