The 3rd Trimester

Oh boy! You have made it to the finish line! The third trimester is said to be full of magic and rainbows! In a few short weeks, a new baby will be in your arms. You will soon encounter the most pure love of your life. But is the third trimester really that great. Definitely not in my experience.

The second trimester was a time where your energy came back. Even though your belly grew, you felt pretty normal. Life is peachy keen. You get ultrasounds, see the doctor every month and start to feel little flutters in your belly that turn into full blown kicks.

Well the third trimester is time for change!

  1. Be prepared to be exhausted again! This baby is growing larger and larger. Sleep is for the weak. If you find a comfortable position to sleep in, make sure to never move. You also probably will have to be 1 million times in the middle of the night thanks to the larger baby kicking you in the bladder.
  2. Braxton Hicks. Oh boy, if your lucky you will avoid these. But having contractions at any time stink. Braxton hicks can hurt but they are definitely nothing compared to actual labor contractions. Be prepared to have them hit in places you never thought possible. For me, with this baby, I started feeling them at 30 weeks. If they become consistent or you have more than 6 in an hour be sure to call your OB!
  3. Nesting! Nesting is very real. The third trimester is my time to get annoyed by every ounce of clutter in my house. I can’t stand it. Nothing is ever clean enough. I feel that I am never fully prepared. At 32 weeks, I have already started doing the laundry for this baby because you never know when they will appear.
  4. Pack a bag or get a plan in place. Last week, my OB said I had to go to labor and delivery to be monitored. At 31 weeks, I was no where near ready! I now have a bag for Harley in my car incase I have to bring her with me to the hospital. This bag consists of a few new toys, food packets and books to keep her entertained until family can grab her!
  5. Shortness of breath! As this baby gets bigger, you will start to feel short of breath. The baby is pushing on the diaphragm and it definitely makes it harder to breathe. Half the time I sit on the couch and have to change positions multiple times just to ensure I am able to catch my breath.

Pretty soon, your new addition will be joining your family. Savor the kicks even if they feel like they may break your ribs. Enjoy the time with your family because soon dynamics will change. The third trimester is a time for change and getting ready to welcome a new bundle of joy!