Murphy’s Naturals

Camping has always been a favorite pastime for my family. Yet, the worst part about camping is the fact that mosquitos absolutely love me and Harley. I can barely step outside without having millions of them on me just waiting for a quick bite.

Then the itch ensues. On any certain trip, I can count on going through numerous bottles of anti itch cream because my bites turn into full on welts.

With this pregnancy, it seems that the mosquitos officially can’t leave me alone! I think the baby has turned my blood even sweeter. I am constantly tormented by the buzz in the ear.

I am so thankful to partner with Murphy’s Naturals for this post. The box they sent has helped me tremendously! I can officially sit outside for a night by the bonfire with S’mores without worrying about the annoying bites!

The candles smell amazing and seem to just create the most perfect barrier. I also love the oil. I love the fact that they are all natural! Having a 19 month old has lead me to be pickier with my ingredients because I don’t want to expose her sensitive skin to harsh chemicals. Murphy’s Naturals are plant based, deet free and effective! With the environment being such a large part in our life, we truly love that they are deet free!

And on occasion, if I receive the small little bite, the balm takes away the itch and calms down my welts!

If you are looking for the perfect mosquito preventative items, look no farther than Murphy’s Naturals!

If you would like to try out murphy’s naturals use the code Murphysmom at www.murphysnaturals.net!