Second Trimester

You have made it! You have hopefully surpassed the first trimester morning sickness and feel that your energy is coming back. The second trimester is a time for reflection, mom pampering and time to prepare.

In the 2nd trimester, you can expect to have a doctors appointment once a month. You will also receive an anatomy scan ultrasound from 18-20 weeks. The anatomy scan is usually a little longer than your average ultrasound as they look at every system of your baby. They measure the head, check the heart, and even see how blood is flowing through the body. If you are extremely lucky, the ultrasound technician may tell you that your babies head circumference is in the 97th percentile.

Be prepared, during this trimester, your energy level may bounce back to normal levels. Remember don’t go too hard. This is your time to learn how to relax, how to say no and really listen to what your body is telling you.

By the 2nd trimester, you should be able to feel your baby kick! This a very exciting time and yet babies seem to kick at the most inconvenient times possible. I would say 3/4 of the time, the baby is kicking right at the moment when you are trying to fall asleep. And as they get larger, their little love kicks get more painful!

Things to do:

Focus on your registry

Spend time with your partner and loved ones. Enjoy the days of sleeping in because pretty soon sleep even gets uncomfortable!

Pamper yourself, get a massage, facial or even your nails done. Pretty soon, those lovely mom moments will be few and far between. When you have a toddler, not even the bathroom is a safe alone space.

Start to assemble the nursery or baby space. Trust me when I say during the 3rd trimester, you may be too tired to actually care how the space turns out.

Finally, savor the moments. Savor the little kicks, the sleepless nights, and the time being pregnant, because time flies in the blink of an eye.