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    Seventh Generation Love

    From the minute we had Harley, I knew that I wanted baby items that I felt safe using on their sensitive skin. I wanted products that were environmentally friendly, natural and affordable since kids aren’t always the cheapest. After doing hours and hours of research, I decided on Seventh Generation. When I moved out of the house, I gravitated to all of the Seventh Generation cleaning products. I fell in love with their lavender laundry detergent and the cleaning power most of the sprays had. So when Harley came around I knew that I could trust these products with my newborn. I never once questioned what I was putting on…

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    The Routines

    Working night shift has taken away many of the routines we enjoyed as a family. Night shift means rearranging life to ensure you receive ample sleep while maintaining a sense of normalcy for your family and friends. My work commute usually takes around 2 hours which means we have less time for routines. Due to our time constraints, we have learned which routines we were unable to give up. My number one routine is having dinner with my family. On the nights I work means I leave my house at 5 pm. This means we have to eat dinner at 4 pm! It is definitely early but having dinner as…

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    6 Months

    The past 6 months have taught me so much and hopefully Ive mastered a few tips and tricks to pass on to the next mom! Involve your first born as much as possible. Harley loves to help with diaper changes by grabbing the diaper, cream and help throw away the dirty ones. After I feed Atlas, she helps me burp her and when the baby cries, she loves to hold her hand and tell her its alright. Take time to be alone with both kids. Two are overwhelming, two are busy. Two at times make you want to pull your hair out because they demand your attention at the same…

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    Adjusting to Night Shift

    Hello. Welcome. Since I started night shift a month and a half ago I have lost sense of time. Especially with kids. So I wanted to create a special place on my blog called 50 shades of night shift. 50 shades of night shift is going to be a compilation of all things night shift. From funny stories to how I adjust, I want to be real. Here’s a little bit of background. I started my dream job as an Emergency Department RN at a hospital 78 miles away from my house. When I went to nursing school, I commuted that far for classes and knew that my first year…

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    Self Love

    When I had Harley, I remember always wanting to be with her. With school, and my per diem job, I felt guilty leaving her just for the hour of me time. When I had Atlas, I knew that my mindset needed to change. I needed to give myself time away from the kids so I could become a better mom. The few hours I spend away a week allows me to be more patient, more loving, more forgiving and all around a better mom. When I think about self love, for me it means face masks in a bubble bath, exercising, or reading a book in peace. Occasionally it means…

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    For 2019, I looked deep within and came up with resolutions that I felt I truly needed to start the New Year. Being a mom of 2 littles, a wife, and a full time ER nurse, I know I need to create the best resolutions for me. 1. Focus on myself. After Atlas was born and school finished, I all of a sudden had free time. I realized I needed to become a better me. I started with ClassPass. ClassPass is a great way to try different workouts and studios. And with trying ClassPass, I found my love for Fitwall. This workout is addicting, tiring and always new. My resolution…

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    To The Parents Who Brave the Flight

    I’ve been there. The anxiety of how your child will behave on the flight ahead can cause you to loose sleep. As a parent you meticulously write a list hoping that you have included the magical cry stopper. You pack the snacks, the blankies, the lovies and the extra pair of clothes. You pray the night before for a peaceful flight. You arrive at the airport the next day with the proper mentality. You put all the positive vibes and thoughts into the universe. You manage to park the car and unload the bags and kids. One big step accomplished. You make it through the ticket counter without a meltdown,…

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    2 Months With Two Kids

    Wow, time flies so fast! I still can’t believe its been 2.5 months since I became a mom of two! The dynamic of our family is constantly changing and I could’t be happier. I love the chaos and laughter filled days and sleepless nights. Lets start with an Atlas update! She has started social smiling which just melts my heart and makes the crying spells totally worth it. On average, she is waking up twice a night which isn’t too bad. It is usually at 1 and 4 am with her going to sleep around 8 p.m. She is definitely a mommy and daddy girl. The minute someone else tries…

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    Going Through the Holidays

    I am all for family holidays. I love getting together and sharing stories a few times a year! Bringing the girls takes some planning but Brian and I have it down to a science. With a few preplanning tricks, bringing kids can be entertaining not stressful. 1. Pack a shoebox full of toys: Many families houses don’t have the necessary equipment for small children. I have learned to bring Harley toys she hasn’t seen in a while so they seem new and exciting! By bringing a shoebox she has plenty to make it through the day but it is still easy to clean up! 2. Pack several outfits and save…

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    The Shopping Cart Hammock

    Thanks so much to Binxy Baby for sending us the beautiful shopping cart hammock! You have made our lives so much easier. Going from one kid to two was pretty easy. The only thing that I found difficult was mastering the art of grocery shopping. With a toddler who took the top half of the cart, I was left putting the baby in her car seat where groceries needed to be. I often ran into the problem of not enough room for the amount I needed to buy! Enter the Binxy Baby! What a genius idea for moms with little ones! It is so easy to place on the cart…

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