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    Self Love

    When I had Harley, I remember always wanting to be with her. With school, and my per diem job, I felt guilty leaving her just for the hour of me time. When I had Atlas, I knew that my mindset needed to change. I needed to give myself time away from the kids so I could become a better mom. The few hours I spend away a week allows me to be more patient, more loving, more forgiving and all around a better mom. When I think about self love, for me it means face masks in a bubble bath, exercising, or reading a book in peace. Occasionally it means…

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    For 2019, I looked deep within and came up with resolutions that I felt I truly needed to start the New Year. Being a mom of 2 littles, a wife, and a full time ER nurse, I know I need to create the best resolutions for me. 1. Focus on myself. After Atlas was born and school finished, I all of a sudden had free time. I realized I needed to become a better me. I started with ClassPass. ClassPass is a great way to try different workouts and studios. And with trying ClassPass, I found my love for Fitwall. This workout is addicting, tiring and always new. My resolution…

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    To The Parents Who Brave the Flight

    I’ve been there. The anxiety of how your child will behave on the flight ahead can cause you to loose sleep. As a parent you meticulously write a list hoping that you have included the magical cry stopper. You pack the snacks, the blankies, the lovies and the extra pair of clothes. You pray the night before for a peaceful flight. You arrive at the airport the next day with the proper mentality. You put all the positive vibes and thoughts into the universe. You manage to park the car and unload the bags and kids. One big step accomplished. You make it through the ticket counter without a meltdown,…

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    2 Months With Two Kids

    Wow, time flies so fast! I still can’t believe its been 2.5 months since I became a mom of two! The dynamic of our family is constantly changing and I could’t be happier. I love the chaos and laughter filled days and sleepless nights. Lets start with an Atlas update! She has started social smiling which just melts my heart and makes the crying spells totally worth it. On average, she is waking up twice a night which isn’t too bad. It is usually at 1 and 4 am with her going to sleep around 8 p.m. She is definitely a mommy and daddy girl. The minute someone else tries…

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    Going Through the Holidays

    I am all for family holidays. I love getting together and sharing stories a few times a year! Bringing the girls takes some planning but Brian and I have it down to a science. With a few preplanning tricks, bringing kids can be entertaining not stressful. 1. Pack a shoebox full of toys: Many families houses don’t have the necessary equipment for small children. I have learned to bring Harley toys she hasn’t seen in a while so they seem new and exciting! By bringing a shoebox she has plenty to make it through the day but it is still easy to clean up! 2. Pack several outfits and save…

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    The Shopping Cart Hammock

    Thanks so much to Binxy Baby for sending us the beautiful shopping cart hammock! You have made our lives so much easier. Going from one kid to two was pretty easy. The only thing that I found difficult was mastering the art of grocery shopping. With a toddler who took the top half of the cart, I was left putting the baby in her car seat where groceries needed to be. I often ran into the problem of not enough room for the amount I needed to buy! Enter the Binxy Baby! What a genius idea for moms with little ones! It is so easy to place on the cart…

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    Thank you so much to DockATot for sending me the lovely Carrera Marble lounger! We are forever grateful! Being a full time nursing student with two little ones under two, I needed a way to study while entertaining my little ones. Studying usually occurs when Harley goes down for a nap, but as most moms know, trying to get two to sleep at the same time is near impossible. In the beginning of Atlas’ life, I would allow her to fall asleep on my chest but I soon found that that was too difficult to type or turn pages while having a sleeping baby. I needed something that allowed me…

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    Our Toddler and Our Life

    When Brian and I found out Harley was on her way, we decided that a baby would fit into the lifestyle that we had. Most of the time, we are homebodies but occasionally we like to go out to breweries, hang with friends at a later dinner or brunch. From the newborn stage, we decided to continue on with what we were doing and just bring Harley along. As a newborn with colic that was tough. But we survived. She went with us wine tasting, beer tasting and sat with us through fancy dinners that went well past 7 pm. Now as a toddler I have definitely learned some tips…

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    Saving Money with Kids

    I have always been a big saver. I hate paying full price for anything if I truly don’t have to. One kid has always been expensive but with 2 under 2, I have definitely decided to coupon more and be smarter with my choices. I mean who wants to pay full price on diapers when we don’t half too! The first app I use is Ibotta. Ibotta is so simple, you scroll through the items on the app and click add which then gives you cash back when you buy! A lot of times I use it for drugstore makeup that I want to try but can never bring myself…

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    A Month With Two Kids

    As of tomorrow, Atlas will be a month old. Time has flown so much! And as I look back on the past month, I am so proud of how I’ve adapted to being a mom of 2 under 2. It’s definitely not the easiest at times but I’ve started seeing some tricks that has made it a little bit easier of a transition. 1. Involve your oldest in all things baby. Harley hasn’t shown us the jealousy of the baby yet because we ask her to help. When I change the baby, she runs over and usually grabs me the diaper and wipes. Her absolute favorite thing is to throw…

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